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Why this Information?

Your facility can save up to 45% of the CE prices, here is how it works! please Share this infomation with your administrator.

We offer a very successful product that saves up to 45% of the CE prices online. Here is how: Under a corporate account, an imaging center may acquire 200, 400 or 600 credits of continuing education with one single payment. Credits start at $8/credit for the 200 CE package and are as low as $6/credit for the 600 CE package. Upon purchase the administrator of the radiologic technologists group is given a Redemption code that can be distributed to the technologists in the facility. Using this code, the technologists can acquire CE credits on our site without payment.

Each time a technologist uses the code, an e-mail is sent to the administrator and the number of credits purchased are subtracted from the initial package until it is used completely. If you facility reimburses CE expenses, this is a great way to manage this expense and to reduce cost, up to 45% of regular prices.

There are only two simple steps to take:

  1. Go to fastcecredits.com, click on Corporate Accounts and purchase a package.You will need to choose a discount code on the purchase page. Give the discount (redemption) code to your employees and direct them to the site to register individually.
  2. Instruct your technologists to go to Purchase a course and on the check-out page ask them to enter the redemption code you chose. The purchase will complete automatically with no credit card requirement and an e-mail will be sent to you.
  3. Once the courses are purchased the instructions for the technologist are given below:
    • Go to My Account, Documentation and Print/Download the courses. Study the material.
    • Go to Online Testing and proceed testing.
    • To Print your certificates you need to go to Account Info, click on Certificates and print.

Please contact the manager if you are interested in these products

Danielle Buna, Manager

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