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Computed Tomography

Approved by ASRT for 4 credits in the A category. A detailed overview of computed tomography with an emphasis on helical and multislice CT. Includes clinical applications and radiation safety. 32 questions questionnaire.

Price$28.00 Credits: 4.00
Clinical Ultrasound Transducers

A comprehensive course on the basic technology of medical ultrasound transducers and their application to diagnostic imaging. 1 CE cat. A ASRT approved. 8 questions test.

Price$10.00 Credits: 1.00
Introduction to Radiation Safety

Fundamental principles of radiation safety in radiology with an emphasis on nuclear isotopes. 10 credits category B (ARRT). 10 credits cat. A for the state of FL. 16 questions test.

Price$14.00 Credits: 2.00
Medical Applications of Radioisotopes

A description of the characteristics and properties of the most common isotopes used in medicine. Applies to Nuclear Medicine and Radiology credits. 1 CE cat. A. 8 questions test.

Price$8.00 Credits: 1.00
Radiation Protection in Radiology

Radiation Protection in Radiology. Comprehensive review of the radiation protection rules in all specialties of diagnostic imaging and radiology - 2.0 credits cat. A. 16 questions test.

Price$14.00 Credits: 2.00
Digital Radiography and Mammography

Digital radiography and mammography is a review with examples of the conventional and digital radiography and mammography principles. It is approved for 4.0 credits category A by the ASRT. 32 questions test.

Price$28.00 Credits: 4.00