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Mammography Techniques and Positioning

Approved by ASRT for 2.75 credits in the A category. A detailed course dedicated to Mammography Techniques and Positioning. Over 100 images and sketches to assist the continuing education of the radiologic technologist. 24 questions test.

Price$30.00 Credits: 2.75
Introduction to MRI

A simple introduction to the concepts of nuclear spin, magnetic moments, nuclear magnetic resonance, image construction in MRI and fundamental spin sequences. A very helpful review of the basic MRI principles. 8 questions questionnaire.

Price$12.00 Credits: 1.00
A Brief History of Diagnostic Imaging

This course is an engaging review of the history of diagnostic imaging including radiography, mammography, CT and nuclear medicine. 3 credits category A as approved by the ASRT-ARRT. One credit for radiography, one for mammography and one for CT. 24 questions questionnaire.

Price$30.00 Credits: 3.00
Image Formation in Radiography

A detailed course dedicated to the concept of image formation and artifacts in radiography. 1.5 credits. 16 questions questionnaire.

Price$20.00 Credits: 1.50
Radiation Protection

ASRT approved for 2 credits cat. A review of radiation protection with an emphasis on the history of the field. It also includes a discussion of dose and exposure. 2 credits.

Price$20.00 Credits: 2.00
Mammography Patient Education and Assessment

157 slides with information and images pertaining to patient education and assessment in mammography, 2 CE cat. A 157 slides with information and images pertaining to patient education and assessment in mammography.

Price$27.00 Credits: 2.00
Special Procedures in Radiography DSA

Free ASRT ARRT approved cat.A fluoroscopy and radiography course. This is a detailed course on the principles of digital subtraction angiography. It describes the physical principles and the clinical applications. It describes issues of radiation safety in DSA. 1 credit category A approved by the ASRT. 8 questions test.

Price$0.00 Credits: 1.00
Nuclear Medicine

ASRT approved for 3.5 category A. Nuclear Medicine is an excellent review of the principles of nuclear medicine imaging, its clinical applications, useful isotopes and radiation safety. Approved by the ASRT-ARRT for 3.5 CE cat A.

Price$32.00 Credits: 3.50